Quality and Safety

R & M Engineering Pty Ltd

Quality and Safety

Health and Safety

Safety is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record. At R&M safety is a way of thinking. We are wholly committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and contractors. We ensure that safe work practices, safety training and supervision are in place to eliminate the possibility of incident or injury, while continually seeking to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards on our projects – we won’t compromise on safety.

Through our commitment to training and education, providing the right equipment to complete the job and by using the safest possible work procedures, we make sure our people go home each and every night. It is R&M’s commitment to the safety and health of our employees and workplace that provides customers the confidence to invest in our expertise.

R&M Quality Guarantee

R&M Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to client satisfaction and has been able to meet all levels of quality assurance through our policies and our client’s needs, tailored to meet individual job criteria. Through internal auditing we ensure that the highest quality of workmanship is continually met. We are committed to building on all aspects of quality through continual education, training and investment in new technology and better work practices.

At R&M Engineering Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on quality, service and dependability. We have an impressive client base and work consistently to exceed our customer expectations, and to maintain competitive advantage. R&M recognise that securing our client’s trust is the key to establishing future working relationships.

R&M Engineering provides management systems for:

  1. Workshop safe work procedures
  2. Weld procedures & testing
  3. Construction safe work procedures
  4. Environmental management
  5. Emergency management