Roof Pod

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Roof Pod

ProjectRoof Pod
ClientRussell Milburn

160hrs of fabrication to achieve this masterpiece of architecture.

Sand blasted and painted with a 3 coat system to withstand the outdoor environment.

Fabricated from 100 x 9 SHS, 310 UC’s and 200 & 300 Channels weighing in at 8T

8500mm long x 5000mm wide oversized transport was used with pilots’

Wood templates were cut first and mounted in place to make sure the white FRP mesh was cut spot on to achieve the 20mm border and making all joins spot on to achieve the arctic Ture look.

The street was cleared, for the oversized load to be placed in position ready for the lift

80T crane was placed at the end of the street full counterweights for the lift.

The pod was placed on 2 concrete bearing walls with angles cemseted at the top of the owners apartment

Now they enjoy BBQ’s  and drinks whilst enjoying the magical views of Fitzroy, not to mention a quick cool off in the small pool.